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Steel & power Plants

Our ERP is a suite of comprehensive Steel Fabrication Management Software features that can help you expedite and improve your speed and efficiency with regards to your everyday challenges that you face as a Steel Fabricator. ERP will help support your every step in the job/contract bidding process, Job input, Production and Shipment Piece tracking, Purchasing, Inventory control, and Job cost accounting processes that every Steel Fabricator faces on every project.



EducationERP is one of the premium offerings for the Education Institutions by Techcherry. At Techcherry, we understand the need for automation in the education institutions. Working with premium education Institutions starting from K-12 schools to premium B-Schools, Techcherry’ has the required domain knowledge and has an in-depth understanding of how education institutions function. educationERP is an enterprise system for Educational Institutions with Reporting tools to streamline and automate their business processes. educationERP enables schools and colleges to effectively manage their day to day activities, and bridges the gap between various stakeholders of the institute like students, parents, teachers, administrators, and more.



TechCherry combines advanced enterprise technologies with construction industry need into one, integrated system. Going beyond traditional construction ERP software, TechCherry also incorporates document, content, and business process management capabilities, empowering contractors to:

  • Unify management of construction accounting, financial management, payroll, projects, and service operations into one database.

  • Capture all business content electronically. Eliminate paper and manual process inefficiencies.

  • Mobilize labor, equipment, and material field reporting by crews and technicians with mobile field technology.

  • Analyze historical performance for planning, identify exceptions for action, and trend current performance for forecasting, while “drilling down” to critical supporting detail.

  • Automate multi-location, multi-company, and inter-company accounting.


Health, Medical & Hospital ERP System to help automate manual processes, simplify reporting and reduce costs. Hospital Management Software – Erp with Complete integration to hospital processes. EPR Applications helping healthcare providers.

  • AdministratorPlus – Hospital ERP

  • LabMaster – Clinical Laboratory ERP

  • MediPlus – Medical Billing ERP

  • Softscope – Digital Imaging ERP

  • Imaging Management System ERP

  • Pharmacy Management System ERP

  • Patient Information System ERP

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