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YES Hospital ERP

At TechCherry, our experienced domain and technology consultants have comprehensive experience in managing all vital functions of hospital information systems viz., human resources, revenue cycle management, patient relationship management, departmental modules, financials and support modules.

 It is imperative that healthcare industry relentlessly attempts to improve the quality of patient care and operational efficiency for physicians, support and admin staff, while keeping costs down and optimizing back-end operations.

 In order to keep the costs down, providers are looking at technology as an enabler for business process optimization through successful healthcare enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations.

 TechCherry has strong functional expertise in developing robust integrated healthcare ERP solutions that interface with legacy and other third party components and having core services, support services and back office modules in it.

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Reasons for hospital ERP

To Adopt Best Practices

As hospitals multiply at a fast pace there is a constant urge to induce professionalism and best practices in the industry. In this context patients demand more than the previous days. They naturally want the best return for the money. When the industry is developing at a great speed with the two elements namely business and service gets stirred in proportions. In this situation no hospital can continue with the old age practices and technologies and still charge heavily. Therefore it becomes imperative for hospitals to adopt the latest trends in terms of technology and acumen in order to retain customer loyalty.
There is no need to advocate hospitals to get the latest medical equipments or follow the medical practices. It happens naturally otherwise their survival will become a question mark. However after repeated experiences and acid tests hospitals have become prune to investing in latest technology like Healthcare ERP or Hospital Management ERP and at the same time justify their cost.

Reasons for hospital ERP

Hospitals were not few and far between in the olden days. Hence the patients yielded to the demands of hospitals every time even if it meant lesser quality of treatment for the charges because they had no other choice. The rate of hospital expansion is alarming. They have mushroomed every where. Patients are no more at the mercy of doctors but it is vice versa. When a patient is not satisfied he/ she will not visit the hospital anymore. When it comes to treatment there should not be more than minor discrepancies among hospitals that are off at the same standards. One parameter for measuring the quality of treatment is the technology involved in offering it. This technology not only creates a level of comfort but also helps the patient to be confident that he is receiving the best treatment.
Healthcare ERP or Hospital Management ERP will prove this better. Consumers themselves demand tools like ERP and strongly rate it when it comes to the question of embarking with the hospital environment. There can be no wonder in saying that they have proved to be an important factor for influencing the hospitals to go for Healthcare ERP or Hospital Management ERP.

To Reduce operational costs

Enterprise resource planning helps to bring down the cost of operations. Based on the requirements the hospitals can go for best of breed or enterprise applications. This is an important step that helps hospitals to decide the appropriate Healthcare ERP or Hospital Management ERP. Hospitals can reduce their overheads through Healthcare ERP or Hospital Management ERP as it helps to integrate all functions namely Accounts, Finance, Human resources and brings them systems under one common database on the basis of ERP architecture.

Modules of Hospital ERP

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